OliSens activity

We want to deliver to people in charge of water quality mangement, some devices that deliver robust measured values, on site, in real time, to give them capacity to make the right decision, on time.

Having the result of measurements in 4 minutes instead of 3 to 10 days!

That will help industry to reduce the impact of its activity (water footprint, carbon footprint, biodiversity) on environment!

With OliSens technologies and devices, you will know in real time what are the concentration of various pollutants in your water. Thus, you will be able :

  • to optimise your process by delivering the right quantity of traitement at the right moment, on various chemical process such as :
  • – Drinkable water production
  • – Chemical production process
  • – Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • to manage crisis with relevant and affordable data that permit to- to characterise the nature and the intensity of some pollutions
  • – to decide rapidly about turning off pipes or launching specific treatment
  • – to inform authorities and users in real time


OliSens developed two technologies. IonSens and MetalSens. Both have the following characteristics in common:

  • Accurate and robust
  • – Limit of quantification of 1 mg/L for IonSens
  • – Limit of quantification of 1 µg/L for MetalSens
  • – With résistance to mater matrix changes

  • Usable on site
  • – on portable device
  • – on online device

  • In real time
  • – Measurement time from 2 to 6 minutes
  • – Measurement cycle (including measurement time from 8 to 13 minutes
  • User-friendly
  • – No specific skills are required
  • – Tutorial on touch screen

  • Low impact
  • – No CMR product are used
  • – Waste in the sink

  • Taylor made on request
  • – Measurement protocole could be adapted
  • – Device could be adapted

Targetted pollutants and limit of quantification are the following:


OliSens can implement IonSens and MetalSens on portable device (more suitable for rapid diagnostic on site) and online device (more suitable for treatment process management).

Portable device Online device

You can visualise here the technical description of our devices:

They already adopted our technologies

VEOLIA tested an adopted OliSens technologies for optimising drinkable water quality control.
(more detail and reference on request)

SOLVAY tested and adopted OliSens technologies for optimising in real time Industrial Waste Water Treatment
(more detail and reference on request)

OlIsens Technologie are currently tested on 4 European site, such as City of Amsterdam, city of Prag, City of Beaune, City of Athena.
(more detail on https://todrinq.eu

You would like to test ?

  1. Send us some sample of your process water
    OliSens will demonstrate for free of charge, the capacity of its technologies to quantify the pollutants in your process water.
    Please, write to contact@olisens.com for a first contact.
  2. On request, OliSens may adapt its technologies to your specific need.
  3. Portable device or online device might be tested on your site.

You want to know more about us ?

Please, contact us! We are ready to share about:
– history, team and motivation
OliSens was founded in 2017. Its team (10 people) is a mix of chemists, electronic engineers, software programmers, mechanicians who, by their dally work, want to develop technical solutions to reduce the impact of industry on environment.

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